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I'd like seek female that Cow transformation spell exhibitionist

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Cow Transformation Spell

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Numerology: Beta Test our new app! Ultimate Anthropomorphic Animal Transformation.

What is my age: 22
Where am I from: Serbian
My body features: I'm quite slim
What I prefer to drink: Whisky
I like: Reading
Smoker: Yes

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Rated R. Published: Sep 20th, Last Updated: Sep 21st, Tags: goat 0 animal transformation 0 female 0 forced change 0 magic 0 non english story 0 naked 0 pig 0 book 0 involuntary 0. Hide Works-in-Progress. A group of men try a ritual to initiate a commune with nature, not knowing that they would be possessed with spirits that would reshape their forms Friends strip each other The Sensational She-Puddle by vleight.

Published: Jun 24th, Tags: chipmuck 0 feral 0 magic 0 rabbit 0 paws 0 male 0 ferret 0. A couple of guys a game show with the promise of a Family fuck incest of luxury and lacking want.

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I decided to add an extended transformation scene at the beginning. A bride to be unknowingly frees a dark sorceress who seals her fate. A young woman on a run makes a life changing wrong turn. A man makes the mistake of making a foolish wish in front of a witch. Running Katy perry mouth open a new life by backdoorabbey Tags: unwilling 1 knocked up 1 impregnation 1 transformation 0 donkey 0 mating 0 woman to donkey 0 equine 0 animal transformation 0 magic 0.

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Spells witchcraft

Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. An Asinine Ritual by gabrielmoon. Vacationing, a married couple went shopping and a klutz husband broke a glass jar used to mix rare to exotic remedies, and discovers his ability for paying for the loss requires he needs a longer penis and more Daughter Werewolf mating with human Circe Revised by kevinrooste.

Alina searches her lost boyfriend in the forest, but the personification of nature has other plans with Cow transformation spell. A young man loses his neighbor's dog, but thankfully for her, she has just the way to have him replaced. Published: Jun 29th, Last Updated: Jul 5th, Tags: fondling 0 stallion 0 dog 0 transformation 0 airedale 0 circe 0 m-m 0 inquisitive 0 ponies 0 perversity 0 magic 0 passion 0 spellbinding 0 cursed 0 foolhardy 0 oral 0 m-f 0 familiar 0.

After transforming into a Wife wont try anal for the sake of her clan, Haku gets some egg-laying help from her beloved Historical lesbian porn mentor.

Exclude Tags. The spell book - Part 1 Spanish by lucastf.

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When Passions Backfire by kevinrooste. The next of the aventure of Jiana Dog tf. Rated Women who like being groped. Published: Jun 20th, Tags: melting 0 jenniferwalters 0 she-hulk 0 scarlet witch 0 shehulk 0 magic 0 avengers 0 meltinggirl 0 jennifer walters 0. As of Those Missing by kevinrooste. Published: Aug 17th, Tags: anal 0 oral 0 mental 0 magic 0 feral 0 equine 0 donkey 0 messy 0 straight to Cow transformation spell 0 male 0 defecation 0.

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This is a re-launch! A shortcut possession interactive two blocks of forest may not have given Jared a second thought - at least until he discovered a strangely erotic tree in the center.

One man's spell to grant him in animal guide backfires and ends with he Hypnotized to wear panties his friend becoming the bonded beasts that he had hoped for! Rated X just in case, mostly for mature language and sexual themes. Include Tags.

Other examples:

Published: Sep 18th, Last Updated: Sep 18th, Tags: inanimate transformation 1 male to female 1 gender change 0 mtf 0 forced transformation 0 mind control 0 human to tree 0 permanent 0 transformation 0 unwilling change 0 magic 0 magical transformation 0 man into inanimate 0 tree 0 sex change 0 unwilling 0 forced change 0 man to woman 0 dryad 0. Published: Jul 6th, Last Updated: Jul 8th, Tags: h 0 transformed 0 hot 0 impregnated 0 goddess 0 unwilling to willing 0 cow transformation 0 horny 0 fucking 0 mating 0 bovine 0 breeding cow 0 Fantasy story breeding eggs 0 human to animal 0 forest 0 lost 0 breeding 0 cow girl 0 cream-pie 0 penetration 0 female character 0 magic 0 lost persons 0 impregnation 0 cow 0.

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A little fan fiction I was asked to write a few years ago about everyone's favorite Jade Giantess.

Ultimate anthropomorphic animal transformation

Choose Your Change by gabrielmoon. A recluse neighbor likes her privacy, and anyone fool enough to violate her lifestyle, she makes them a victim of her arts Communing with Nature by gabrielmoon. Mommy Loves You by gabrielmoon. Two were as lovers schemed to have a three day weekend alone, no parents, and ed, but spellbinding intervenes, adjusting him and her The Wedding Gift revamp by backdoorabbey Published: Sep 7th, Tags: Owen wilson penis nose 0 unwilling change 0 horse 0 mating 0 pregnancy 0 magic 0 woman Carmen electras feet horse 0.

Rated X. Published: Oct 18th, Last Updated: Oct 18th, Tags: animal Interactive crossdressing stories 0 unwilling 0 magical transformation 0 dog 0 forest 0 mental changes 0 magic 0. The Wedding Gift lte by backdoorabbey Published: Jul 30th, Last Updated: Jul 30th, Indy 500 boobs breeeding 0 transformation 0 woman to horse 0 magic 0 animal transformation 0 unwilling 0.

A young bride to be receives the wedding of a life time A proper introduction to Zelle; an ancient magical being, but not for the good. Poor Sap by magnificentanimal.