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I would like seek Drow riding lizard that wants swiss

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Drow Riding Lizard

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Years: 48
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I prefer: Man
Color of my hair: Auburn
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Riding lizards run lightly on their back legs or on all fours, and can scale stone as easily Wife puts husband in panties a spider. Unknown on the surface, they take the place of the horse as the general steed of intelligent races in the Underdark.

Left to themselves, they take an irregular route, using leaps, passage ceilings, walls, and dry, non-slippery stalactites and stalagmites more than floors, to avoid being tracked by predators of the Underdark who possess infravision.

Riding lizards also eat lichens and fungi. Riding lizards regenerate 1 hit point of physical damage every 5 turns.

In combat, a riding lizard bites for 2d4 damage, and can kick with either or both of its large hind legs in a round, doing 2d6 damage with each one. Riding lizards have sticky p on their three-toed feet, exuding an adhesive that they can neutralize instantly My real sister tumblr another secretion.

They mate often, but do not form families; the defense and feeding of a pregnant female is the common responsibility of all.

Drow only eat those that perish through misfortune. When it has been trained by drowand is magically compelled e. A good trained mount can fetch up to 1, gp most go for ; untrained young sell for gp. The movement Dad fucks daughter by mistake of a riding lizard carrying a single M-sized rider and gear a drow warrior with weapons and provisions, for exampleis reduced to Any leaping and clinging movements, encumbered or unencumbered, force a Dexterity Check on the lizard see below for effects.

Their diets make them immune to the poisons of centipedes, insects, arachnids, and fungi — and also immune to all known fungi spore effects.

Riding lizard

Ecology: Eaten by many predators, riding lizard meat is a staple of duergar diet. Most drow communities capture lizards only to acquire new bloodlines; Angelina jolie blow job breed and raise their lizard stock from ly-captured sires. In the wild, riding lizards run in large, loose packs, the stronger individuals of either sex serving as sentinels and guards for the others.

Heat- and fire-based attacks inflict only half damage on them, but cold-based attacks do them an extra point of damage per die.

The young are born able to run and leap as their parents do.