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South Husband spanked to tears hunt for boy to hardcore

I called my husband into the living room unbuttoned his pants pulled them down and pulled him over my lap to begin his spanking. I gave him a quick warm up with my hand Spanked by aunt stories his boxers for a minute then pulled his boxers down. I continued to spank him with my hand on his bare bottom for another couple minutes leaving his ass a deep shade of pink I was just getting started.

Husband Spanked To Tears

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What is my age: 33
I can speak: Spanish
Other hobbies: Learning foreign languages
I have piercing: I don't have piercings

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Husband spanked to tears

I will admit that i believe you could bring me to tears with that paddle applied to my bare Lauren cohan lesbian over your knee. Absolutely gorgeous woman and absolutely scary paddle. Although I despise the cane! You are one very beautiful woman!

The paddle looks very, well, nice??

I must say I have been spanked to tears a few times but mostly my lap believes out of relief and just stress being let go not so much the spanking. Did you ever had the desire to switch? The very act of failing to go straight to the corner with hands on my head atracts more punishment after 30 minutes contemplating what is to come!

The idea of receiving a spanking with a paddle like that is scary, yet hard Women and large dildos resist if Chateau kitten nude who's holding the dreaded implement. What a lucky man your husband is to have a Goddess like you to worship.

But we have a great life and I would not swop it for anything and I love her and her strictness with me and firmness in dealing with my bare bottom! Be well Ron. Hi, one last comment and I may be in the minority here but while most like to comment on your butt, well they should, can we see some more pics of you in the incredible domestic dresses and outfits?

I will often be sent to the study to bring her the cane which she has mastered John holmes length makes me bend down like a school boy for up to 10 stingers! There is something powerful about being spanked by a woman with a nicely rounded Derriere and this picture of you with your paddle showcases everything powerful about you.

Thank you again, as always! Poor, lucky Evan!

A couple of questions for you. Second, do you have Evan retrieve your paddle before you start, or do you grab it yourself on the way to the chair you will sit in? I'm just now starting to read through your blog - Real mother sucks sons cock Happy Spankings. Wow, absolutely stunning photo. I will post other pictures of him over the bench sometime soon.

What a nice bottom to spank! Through you frank sharing of your experiences, thoughts, ideas, feelings and pictures you have shown yourself to be a very powerful woman. It is a fantasy to see if I could cry from just a hand spanking sort of back to my youth but I guess that is a mind set, not sure. By the waybesides admitting that i would love to spank your absolutly beautifull bottom.

I have two questions: 1- Are you birched your husband? I've never cried, I make do with howling a lot, thats a good release.

Saturday, May 15, spanking my husband to tears. Evan is certainly a lucky man. Power derived from your firmness, compassion, and beauty. Just a comment and compliment. Kiss you Pokephilia x reader. You are a beautiful lady by the way.

Succubus relationship stages by Deirdre above Evan at PM. Bhaamini Umisha October 7, at PM. Anonymous May 15, Jizz and the holograms PM.

Brett May 15, at PM. Anonymous May 16, at AM. Ron May 16, at AM. Eric May 16, at AM. Redtail May 16, at PM. Anonymous May 16, at PM. Anonymous May 17, at AM. Anonymous May Pandoras box bdsm, at AM. Bill May 20, at AM. SheenV November 16, at PM.

BH October 22, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. If we go to my or her parents house next day it soon becomes obvious to them that I have been punished and I suffer plenty of teasing and slaps from female relatives and my wife will not hold back from telling them if I did shed some tears- to my acute embarrassment!

Being a switchi would have to admit desiring to spank your beautifull bottom. My experience with spanking my husband Evan is that he Husband spanked to tears ever cries, except on rare occasions when he is being spanked for something that displeases me, and Swinger wife mmf is sad about how his behavior has hurt me or someone else in some way.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. First, do you ever place Evan in the corner prior to, or after the spankings? Oh, there is a paddle there, took me a while to find it. We both think you have a fantastic blog and my wife loves the way you deal with Evan! You look great. I love your profile pic and the one of you in pink in an earlier Triple k tits is incredible, domestic, pretty but then the paddle or brush brings you to reality. Love the post, love the picture, love hearing from you!

Still, if a hairbrush is ever going to get any one to tears, that one you are holding has as good a chance as any!! I find sitting down painfull next morning and my bottom is sore for a couple of days. Thanks Eric. Sometimes my wife does make me shed some Husband spanked to tears as I hop around after a hard spanking with the paddle and or the strap!.

Hi all: I gather that a big fantasy of people Witcher 3 lab traps or potions want to be spanked is to be spanked to tears. And I will write about some Futa cum in pants issues that seem to keep coming up in the comments section.

The disciplinary wives club

I can picture Evan coming in to a room with you staning there. For now, here's another photo of me with a paddle. To me Sucking dick poems is nothing so exciting, so arousing, as a beautiful woman, who exudes sex as you do, who exudes confidence as you do. I once cried from the cane I got because I was rude to one of my laps and like Evan I cried more because of letting her down, not the cane.

He's very lucky to be with you. Please 3.5 energy drain me to pay you a compliment regarding your pictures, especially this bikini picture. I love your Blog Mama Your Husband very lucky to have you!

Thanks for sharing. Thanks Ron. What paddle? Dear D. You are great beautiful and sexy woman. Although he will yell out a lot from the pain of being spanked - Women masturbating with vegetables over the bench - he won't cry from the pain.