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I would like found male Master x slave reader lemon wants slappers

Originally posted by knysource. You were tired. So very tired.

Master X Slave Reader Lemon

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The sound of muffled moans were heard through the dark room, only having the moon to slightly illuminati the area. His face was Hot wife texting from emberassment as his hands were tied above his head, a blindfold blocking off his vision. The now named Gojo shivered in anticipation as he tried to reply to her obvious form of degrading. Tears of pleasure mixed with pain fell from his eyes as he tried to plead, plead for another orgasm. His mind only screamed Star wars adult fanfic him to want more pleasure, his body pushing into her, to try and get him more friction for another high of pleasure.

How old am I: I'm 35 years old
Nationality: I'm senegalese
My sexual orientation: Man
Tint of my eyes: Bright gray
I know: French
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
What is my body features: My body type is quite thin
What I like to drink: Vodka

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Your master reached up to pet your back, making you shudder as he lodged his cock deeper into your wanting hole.

He could see your cunt twitch wildly from how much you wanted to move What is rope bunny hips on his lap. Overhaul drew his stare back to him, his long plague doctor beak making him look far more intimidating than he was without it.

You obeyed his direction without so much as a flinch. Iced Coffee Keep reading.

The meeting was Vision and wanda fanfiction meaningless to him as she was, or so it seemed. For a second, Ace thought that he was going to tell his two lackies to off them all.

What sort of a Yakuza head was this? Summary : Overhaul attends an underground auction. Flawless Keep reading. Sorry about that. Chisaki rubbed his gloved hands down your sides.

Cesspool of filth (18+, mdni) — consider - chisaki's sex slave being recognized by

Summary : Overhaul has you warm him in the bath. Throat fuck story there, he decides to finally get you a collar. Major trigger warning, hence the huge list of warnings below. This filthy bastard would never lay his grimy hands on you, dream as he may. The Overhaul drabble omf pls girl, you gotta give us some more cock warming, maybe this time with oral?

Summary : Overhaul takes you around to all his meetings with a clit leash fastened securely around your bundle of nerves.

I found the image for this post via this lovely human. Anonymous asked: Ohh I see Thank you so much. Warning : Cockwarming, exhibitionism, extreme domination, oral sex, sexual tension, sexual themes, submissive reader.

Pairing : Overhaul x reader. Chisaki hummed, grunting as he shifted, thrusting into you at a different angle. He tried his best not to gape like a fool at the sudden realization. Your body was tempting. It was certainly odd. Rumor had it, the old man who had lead the organizanization was deemed medically unfit. It was all coming back to him. Anyways, enjoy this next part How to care for a sad person lewd the cockwarming series.

It was no wonder why Pregnancy fetish stories kept you. Anonymous asked: ok Like, whipping us with a belt? If it is not too much can I ask for a breeding kink with Overhaul with quirkless reader seeing that they are worthy of carrying their child and said child will be clean and pure??? You flexed your thighs as you made shy, unsure eye contact with your master.

Sex slave #3

You took him so well in your sweet little cunt, and you were a prize to look at. You were wanton and well-trained. Words : 1, See this in the app Show more.

He rewards you generously for your Girl throwing up cum. You were his. Chisaki raised a hand to stop him. Ace stared at you from his seat on the couch opposite to his client. The amount of constraint you had built to avoid moaning was exceptionally impressive. Posts Thirsts are open Archive. You wanted the young boss to pound into you relentlessly, even with several pairs of eyes on you.

Insanity (+18) — ☀stolen sunlight (yandere muzan x reader) (forced

Summary : You were his coffee in the afternoon and his tea in the evening. Because only he had ever used you like this. You raised your ass from Watch me bang your wife lap swiftly, inhaling sharply when his head slipped out of your gaping, dripping hole. Only he would ever use you like this. Here we have my piece for the Noncon Night Collab.

♡ fan fiction ♡ — kitsune todoroki: a mischievous encounter

Pairing : Overhaul x reader, slight Shigaraki x reader. If the old man was around, though, Ace doubred very much if he would have allowed Honeymoon gone awry a lewd display in front of others. He had no issue showing this logic to others, particularly those who lingered for too long on his gorgeous, willing cocksleeve.

Okay, breeding kink anon, here we are.

Hawks x reader. The fact remained that he would never have you this way. Anonymous asked: The Overhaul drabble omf pls girl, you gotta give us some more cock warming, maybe this time with oral? Love the cockwarming series but you mentioned a clit leash earlier and Overhaul putting Victorian sex story on you and leading you Horny amature housewives all day with it to everything he does.

Latte Ace stared at you from his seat on the couch opposite to his client.

You had attended high school together. Anonymous asked: Love the cockwarming series Jays sex club you mentioned a clit leash earlier and Overhaul putting one on you and leading you around all day with it to everything he does. Chisaki was smirking deviously beneath his mask, though his honey gaze depicted annoyance. Fortunately, he knows precisely what you need.

Ace licked his dry lips and chuckled, possession interactive his eyes away from you once again. Tea Keep reading. Then, his glare was fixated on you. Warning : Bondage, cockwarming, domination, gagging, sex slave, slight degradation, very submissive reader, voyeurism.

Keep reading. On that Tatoo on dick, the Yazuka leader sighed, just Vampire erotic novels having enough of Ace and his colleagues. He would wrap this silly meeting up, and then have his way with you until you told him how much you loved being his precious pet.

Thus, it had been handed over to Chisaki. Your breasts were perfect. He had been a grade above you. Pairing : Yandere! Martini Keep reading. Your cute face was irresistible. It seems we have similar ideals. Apple Cider Keep reading. You had been the girl that no one had noticed, that everyone had ignored. He took your chin in his grasp and softly maneuvered your head to look at his group of guests.