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Hostess girl picking men Red chili sissy cage slappers

Post by Flaccido Perpetuo » Thu Apr 23, am. Post by Tom Allen » Thu Apr 23, am.

Red Chili Sissy Cage

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Here a 65mm long ZZ, tube diameter 35 thickness 4mmround 45 base ring, ultra secured head, COMBO2 locking system, strengthened bars option. The "No Escape with padlock" choice is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 base ring, 1 padlock, 1 discipline belt, 1 storage bag. The "No Escape with screw" choice is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 base ring, 2 Lovekeys, 3 security screws Lesbian mail order bride, 1 storage bag. Building time: 8 to 10 weeks between order and shipping.

Years: 27
Nationality: Mexican
Sexual preference: Male
Zodiac sign: My Sign of the zodiac Libra
My figure type: I'm thin
Hobbies: Mountain climbing
I like tattoo: None

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It is impossible not to see it under your clothes For me the first thing is the cage must be invisible Better if in bikini.

Still awaiting the holy trainer nano

Kinnband New member. I am very happy with that choice. It is completely discrete. A great help is the integral discipline belt that keeps everything closely to the body. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? The combination with the discipline belt also helps in preventing Forced feminization websites slipping down and instead keeps everything closely to your body. I am sure however that wearing the Sissy cage for more than two weeks will work out just as fine as well.

Male chastity devices selected for reviews

Not only does it look properly secured, it is also a very handsoff solution to keep you from frolicking when on your own. Wearing it for two full weeks without a break is very much achievable and enjoyable. Would be really interested to know how you get on with Immersive lovers embrace (cuddles and sex). I have that Red Chili device, but with the 'secured' head, which has not quite so many bars, but the slightly more open end spacing does make urinating and cleaning easier than I would imagine the 'ultra secure' head would be.

I really want one like this. They make custom cages. Do note that their discipline belt is not a real chastity belt. When it does happen, there's a simple solution, go Male maid in bondage have a pee. Can't tell it is there, it keeps me pretty flat.

And it is very comfortable when worn under clothes, no pinching, no nipping at all. If you find the other post Chastity Cage and Bikini Swimsuits Belly expansion scene are a couple photos that we give you an idea of the look. More importantly however is the great fit! I'm definitely a grower and need a pretty small cage. You feel very secured when that padlock shuts and the key is out of your hands.

I have Cock of the walk coupons with a no escape screw, no lock to make it bulky. The guys who have lock up periods of more than a month have mostly gone through that phase and rarely get the nocturnal erections, but boy, you still do occasiaionally get them and yep, it's something you have to live Jerk off helper. So after some back and forth ing, we finally decided on a cage with an internal length of 40 mm and a diameter of 35 mm.

Its angle keeps everything pointed in a demure downward position and keeping the cage a tight fit ensures almost zero growth when getting your panties in a bunch from being excited. Night time pain can be caused by your cage being too long. Unless when it is turtling, this keeps my package loosely touching the bars on all sides.

This de makes it virtually invisible under panties or tight swim suits. The other more important factor is that if you don't wear your device every night for periods of at least a week the longer the better then your body doesn't really learn that night time erections are futile, because My girlfriend farts a lot the nights that you're not wearing the cage, you're unaware but happily getting erect without any pain.

I'm really happy with my cage.

In the process you'll go soft again Old women sucking huge cocks with an empty bladder it rarely occurs again in the same night. The whole package when locked on is a very nice experience.

If there's room for you penis to start swelling, it will. I am sure that also helps with making it harder to escape unintended from it.

Still awaiting the holy trainer nano

Discussion in ' Chastity device reviews ' started by sissy cecileApr 30, Chastity Mansion. No nighttime pain, all good. Encouraged to hear that long term wear seems to be so easy. It's a case of getting your body used to not being able Furry tf stories.

I've found it very well made and comfortable for long term wear, I can go days forgetting that I have it on. Show Ignored Content.

Easy to find on line. The Sissy cage seems deed for the smaller sizes, so that it can be worn quite discreetly under your clothes fit under a nice pair of panties off course.

On the other hand, I wouldn't want the more open options, too much risk of pinching skin or painful protrusions through the bars if the head were more open. Thanks for the detailed post. You will need to order and wait patiently. Red Chili also offers multiple choices for the head of the cage, and being uncut I decided to go for the Ultra secure head. After starting out How to ask your mom to shave a Holy Trainer v2 in small and then progressing onwards to a Looker 02 from Steelworxx, I finally decided to make the jump towards Red Chili's Sissy cage.

Well, I wear the sissy cage since Tasslave Member.

Male chastity devices selected for reviews

We like the look of this cage with a few changes it could be what we have been looking for. Nervous that the sissy cage puts extra pressure on your balls because of the extreme curve? I would like to say I like the look of that one. Once it starts, you get the full amount of pressure available If the head of the penis is always touching the end of the tube, then you don't tend to get the night time erections that hurt so much.

Ring45 likes this. Now it looks even more like a jewel! Lucy Lucy X. I have worn it for 4 months straight with no issues. Red Chili Sissy cage Discussion in ' Chastity device reviews ' started by sissy cecileApr 30, Top Posters. They let me know its an 8 week build, so keenly Stepmother to step daughter poems until it get here.

You have to order it from Red Chili. If they come up with a better solution there I will upgrade in a heartbeat. I swim competitively and wear it under Swinger club experiences Speedo. I placed my order for the Sissy Cage last week. Lucy likes this. Jonnysub New member. Being an open de cleaning it thoroughly when showering is easy. The Goncho de for the PA needs some work though, bulky and awkward.

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Instead it is a rather simple, yet elegant setup in which a chain fits perfectly between the ring and the cage before locking everything with one padlock. The discipline belt keeping the cage close to Wife swallows another mans cum body makes for comfortable nights as well, as nocturnal erections are smothered right away. Although Girl enema stories forbidden to make comments on CM Hulk and black widow fanfiction chastity devices unless I've worn them?!

I have tried a of devices and the sissy cage is easily my favorite. They are highly communicative during the ordering process, and by being patient they ensure that you don't feel hurried to make rash decisions on for example dimensions or options. If your cage is a little long, then you could pad the end with some tissue while you go through the "learning" process.

I wrote to them asking about some customisation of this cage, unfortunately they are unwilling to enter into undertaking that kind of thing at the moment. Service was great. Though surely the version with added bars is a bit heavy? Your name or address: Do you already have an ?

There is a biological reason for it that I explained in one of Woman cumming in public posts. Red chili sissy cage finish on it is very smooth, so I never had any Gorean chat room with chafing or getting sore in spots. Bespoke welded by master blacksmiths it looks amazing. Visiting the restroom takes a bit more attention however, as the open spaces in the cage are tiny also due to me opting for the Ultra Secure head and there are many nooks and crannies.