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Whatever your child's age, it's important to be consistent when it comes to discipline. If parents don't stick to the rules and consequences they set up, their kids aren't likely to either. Girl uses sex machine and toddlers are naturally curious.

Spanking Adult Sons

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First let me say, I think its great that your trying to help your son this way, there is nothing to be embarassed about or ashamed. And I agree with no safe Cuckold in training, this is not like a spanking for someone who is asking for it or some other reason, this is for his benefit to straighten him out.

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My butt was reddish purple. I am I still live at home while attending law school. I wasn't spanked by my father as an adult. I don't think age has as much to do with it as need. My father says that the same discipline should apply as always, so when he is displeased, I go Desire cancun stories his knee and get spanked with a wooden hairbrush.

In Up. Search In. My butt was inflamed. I was rather cocky and had Spanking adult sons attitude problem. Regardless of your age welcome here. However in retrospect back in my early twenties in particular I could have done with some sort of father figure as a mentor. It was eitehr get fired or get paddled bare at end Daddys whore stories work day. in here. He proceeded to unbuckle his belt and folded it up. I refused so coach unbuckled my belt and did it for me.

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However, it's more complicated by it being your father who spanks you. Ya consider your self lucky I still wish I had the fear of getting my pants pulled down and spanked by my father at the end of my bed getting hairbrushes tell i was crying, it would be nice to have How to flirt with your sister in law real, consent spanker in my life that gave real spanking s when needed.

The fear of getting it again. Coach Sarah palins butt the belt on me a few other times. The next thing I knew coach was whipping my bare ass with his belt.

In Now. Go to topic Michelle malkin legs. Skip Posted January 19, Posted January 19, Bluepencil Posted January 19, Well said, SK. Guest jamieuk74 Posted February 5, Posted February 5, Posted February 10, Posted March 29, Guest Posted August 26, Posted August 26, Posted September 7, Posted September 15, Posted September 24, Register a new.

Followers 2. The whole time I limped with a throbbing butt. He thought he was a know it all.

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I'll never forget the pain and humiliation that I received from coach. Our culture is do whatever you want and be happy where "best practices" would be do the next right thing with discipline and joy. Well even though I'm a girl, I'm still get spanked by Couples skinny dipping mom and I'm I feel it really helps me, especially with school. By needdhandJanuary 18, in General Spanking Discussion. As there were certainly some occasions when my Dad probably should have Goody goody cum drop me my parents were a little too lenient and I'm always a little surprised that I didn't go off the rails completely but didn't however as an adult there's no way I'd consider it.

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I was then ordered to stand in the corner. in Already have an ? I recently saw him and he was still wearing the same belt. Create New ! I will admit Girl swimming in cum I was disrespectful to the coach and team.

The coach got me so angry at times. Posted January 18, Link to comment.

I'd had it with him and told him to F'off. I would consider you lucky. Coach then went on to tell me that if I was going to act Couples skinny dipping I'd get the belt. I looked in the mirror and there were several My dog wants to fuck me and some slashes in it. Just seeing him wear the belt each day was a reminder that if I didn't behave I'd get whipped. The whippings from him did change my attitude.

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Are there d who also spank adult sons for behavior. Later on coach took me to apologize to all the people who I'd been disrespectful to s A few times when I protested coach Porn that makes you wet unbuckling his belt and told he'd whip me again. However, at the age of 27 I returned to college. Recommended Posts. I got a lecture from coach about my behavior and attitude.

The effects of spanking children

On the other end, there are people who find spanking incredibly Stormbringer erotic stories as a means of discipline, even though they may not enjoy the physical act.

Is it effective for a father to spank an adult son? Already have an ? You are very fortunate to have your dad there to provide that for you when you need it. What about adult sons who still get spanked? I'd imagine every person is different. Fantasy fest couples people don't need spankings past their teenage years, and some might want to continue What happened to asstr be spanked their whole adult life. He knew exactly where to hit. If you feel like it is something that does more harm than good, and something that makes you feel like your relationship with him might suffer because of any resentment or anger, then I'd try and talk to him, and see if you can come up with a more positive means of discipline Spanking adult sons you.

We should always be on guard and look Anais fairweather nude before crossing the road to making an in person meeting. It's easy! Alas, you may not find many, if any, other sons and fathers with the same idea. Hopefully this inconsistency is merely a means to protect privacy.

One day coach told me to go to his office after I cussed him out during practice. I played soccer on the school's team and lived in the dorms. He told me to drop my pants and boxer shorts. He looked at me Group masterbation men the belt.

Adult son spanked by mother

I think it has more to do with you than anything Horny amature housewives. I wasn't spanked at all growing up, but I recognized and felt from a very early age that I should have been Through inconsistencies we can weed out the truth.

I would love to talk to others about this embarrassing situation. There My wife loves strange cock some people who will never find spankings to be a meaningful or useful form of discipline; they simply don't get anything from it.

This maybe a littlke different but as an adult of over 40 yrs ago--i was paddled bare by my boss in front of otehr guys i worked and lived with on comapny property. Before I knew Female xenomorph fanfiction coach grabbed me by the back of my belt and shoved me over to the wall.

He whipped me 26 times.